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La Taverna del Boscaiolo

Restaurant in Norcia

typical norcia restaurant

The Tradition

La Taverna

La Taverna del Boscaiolo (literally, The Inn of the Lumberjack) was built in 1970, and, driven by a strong passion, became more than an usual inn: A traditional restaurant.

Grandma Delma started this journey, and Grandpa Lino, a local lumberjack, supplied it with woods for the fireplace. This gave, to the Norcia citizens, the idea for the inn’s name.

restaurant atmosphere

A Unique Atmosphere

A quiet place, with three distinct dining rooms, to enjoy in the best way possible all the typical dishes of Norcia.

high quality

High Quality Products

We only use high quality products, made in our territory, our home.

historical center

Inside the historical center

We can say that you can really understand Norcia only when you enter in one of its typical restaurants.

Taverna del Boscaiolo

The taste of tradition

Typical high quality Norcia's products, meticulously chosen.

At your service

A real family







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